As an organization, your membership fee allows us to accomplish all projects that we have established for the community. It is important that we are current on our dues and you may contact us during business hours Monday through Fridays with any questions concerning status. You may also request your yearly donations Summary in January; it may take up to 2 weeks before we can initiate your individual report from the time your request is received. Send us your inquiries via Contact.

By choosing this option, you are allowing the Congolese Community of Chicago to automatically withdraw your chosen monthly donation amount. The re-occurring amount will process on the same date each month unless you decide to cancel it. Should your Credit Card info change, or to change the re-occurring amount, feel free to notify us immediately. You may send us a message via the contact page or call us directly to our main toll-free number indicated on most pages. In case Your transaction declines, we may contact you.

Consistently, the organization has been supporting Congolese families living in the Chicago land area. We provide limited support for the integration of new comes in the land; We assist our members in case of a funeral; We are investing in early education for kids; We organize events to keep the community united; We bring awareness about the Democratic Republic of Congo; its culture and values. These are few listed things that we do as an organization. We thank you for donation and support.

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