We are the Congolese Community of Chicago

The primary mission of C.C.C.-D.R.C. is to facilitate the integration of people of Congolese descent in the fabric of the American society while providing them and other Americans with a platform for learning about and appreciating the richness of the Congolese culture in its diversity. To fulfill that mission, the organization opens its membership ranks not only to those who can claim Congolese parentage and their spouses, but also to anyone interested in helping Congolese immigrants and refugees succeed.

Who are we?
What we do

We serve as a resource point for people who have interest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (people, history, art and culture).  We provide diverse services to aid our members and new Congolese immigrants maintain their connections to our Congolese heritage while embracing the American Culture. We serve as the hub that connects Congolese residents of the Chicago land area, helping them adapt to their new surrounding while providing the support needed for an easy integration. We promote solidarity among our members through various events, activities and our means of mass communications.

Who should join

Any person or organization in the Chicago land area and who is interested in the Congolese Community of Chicago and abides by the mission statement of the organization is eligible for membership.

Why should you join?

If you love and are concerned about the Democratic Republic of Congo, want to have a positive impact in the lives of the Congolese who are residents in the Chicagoland area, want to get involved in the Congolese Community, want to meet friends, participate, connect with a group of people who share your vision, and give back to the community you should definitely join the CCC/DRC.

Interested in joining the CCC/DRC? Any person or organization interested in joining the CCC/DRC can join at any time.

When can you join

Single rate: $35.00 annually

Couples rate: $50.00 annually

Family rate: $50.00 annually

Membership Rate
Membership Rate

The first step in getting involved with the CCC/DRC is to join as a member.  Please refer to the rates above. Once you become a member, you become eligible to serve as volunteer in any of these committees:

  • Membership/ outreach

  • Fundraising

  • Public Relations

  • Sports

  • Finance

  • Media

  • Children/Youth

  • Policy/advocacy

You can also make financial contributions to the CCC/DRC and join us as we gather in various events throughout the year.

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